Terms and Conditions

Jmeeting.com Terms and Conditions JMeeting.com provides webcam video broadcasting and communication services for individuals, businesses and organizations. All webcams delivering images on the JMeeting.com Web site and network are the sole responsibility of the broadcaster. JMeeting.com DOES NOT PRODUCE VIDEO … Continue reading

Advanced Chat Commands

Advanced Chat Commands These commands should be typed into the status window – this is to prevent you from accidentally typing a valuable password into the room for everyone to see.   To Register a NICK: You must be in … Continue reading

Jmeeting Preferences

You can now set several different Jmeeting preferences. In your system tray, you should have a little Penguin icon. It looks like this Click the icon to open the preferences menu   Choose Preferences: Remember Username and Remember Password are … Continue reading

I Have Zero Cams

Why are there 0 cams on my list? Or my cam list takes a long time to load. If you are using Microsoft Windows and you have Anti-Virus software installed, it can interfere with the cam listings. JMeeting.com sends video … Continue reading