Advanced Chat Commands

Advanced Chat Commands These commands should be typed into the status window – this is to prevent you from accidentally typing a valuable password into the room for everyone to see.   To Register a Channel: /CS REGISTER #Channel-Name password … Continue reading

Jmeeting Preferences

You can now set several different Jmeeting preferences. In your system tray, you should have a little Penguin icon. It looks like this Click the icon to open the preferences menu   Choose Preferences: Remember Username and Remember Password are … Continue reading

I Have Zero Cams

Why are there 0 cams on my list? If you are using Microsoft Windows and you have Anti-Virus software installed, it can interfere with the cam listings. sends video streams on port 80. Port 8080 is used to broadcast … Continue reading

JM Standalone App

The JM standalone App runs without a browser. It’s a native Java application. You must have a subscription in order to use it. You should fill out your profile before using the App! From the upper right hand corner of … Continue reading